Environmental Policy

Statement of Intent

The company understands its obligation to safeguard the environment and the need to create a more sustainable future.

We at Re-mech will strive towards achieving a more sustainable way by seeking to minimise any adverse impact on the environment due to the way we operate.

The management and workforce realise that we are responsible for our own actions.

Our general intentions are:-

  • Develop an environmental policy into a system to meet the requirements of BS 14001.
  • Monitor the workplace to identify any environmental or health and safety risks.
  • Strive to limit the environmental impacts of our operations through efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste, including energy and water.
  • Handle waste disposal sensitively and re-cycle where possible.
  • Met or exceed the environmental legislation that relates to the company.
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst the suppliers we utilise to dispose of our waste.
  • Seek to use ‘eco-friendly’ alternative products or re-cycled products where possible within financial constraints.

Environmental Policy